Delivery Process Flow

1st attempt at the mailing address – Day1

  • In case of no contact, message slip left behind (With AWB No. contents & contact No.)
  • In case of Delivery
    • Proof of Delivery recording details such as
    • Date
    • Name of the person receiving the document.
    • Relationship with the consignee
  • Delivery Sheet (DRS) of each & every delivery staff gets cross checked (Tele calling) by quality control department (OCD)
  • In case of non-delivery of consignments on Day 1, an attempt is made on phone to contact the consignee A Tele-check is conducted on the telephone number printed on the mailer for complete address / change in address or Confirmation of time of delivery is made over phone.
  • In cases wherein it is clearly established that the consignee has moved to another city / refuses to accept, the consignment is returned to the consignor with relevant details.
    • During this day, if the customer receives the message slip & calls a 2nd attempt is made at the mailing address.
    • In case the 2nd attempt is also unsuccessful, the consignments are brought back to the office. These consignments are kept for one more day (i.e) Day 3) assuming that the customer will call up on basis of message slip lift at the address.
    • In case there is no response from the customer, the consignments are returned to the consignor on day 5 with a hand-over sheet marking all cases as Return to Origin (RTO)
    • Consolidate delivery status cycle wise on day 5 (fifth working day) or depending upon volume
  • We provide softcopy of 100% delivery details for the document booked with us however the hard copy can be provided as and when required. We keep the record of hard copies for six month from the date of booking.

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